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"In the small coastal village of Ratan in Västerbotten, with the sea and nature and the cultural-historical environment as sources of inspiration, I create my cold process soaps. I manufacture them in old-fashioned craftmanship, but with renewed knowledge and with natural and organic raw materials."

Malin i Ratan has his own production of handcrafted organic soaps for skin, hair and home. In collaboration with other creators we have produced good accessories for the soaps. We love collaborations and in our stores you will find fine skin care and chocolates from local creators, other selected products that enhance your soap experience and even more soap from other Swedish soap manufacturers.

About our organic soaps

Our soaps are handmade from organically grown oils. The main ingredient is cold-pressed Swedish rapseed oil, which is saponified with other organic vegetable oils.

Handmade Eco Soap is so much more than just a soap. It will give you a smooth skin, fresh scalp, natural hair and a calm, environmentally friendly home.

Read more about Handmade Eco Soap here.


You can use our soaps for almost all your cleaning - they are gentle enough to use on your face, suitable for hands and body, as shaving soap or as shampoo/conditioner. It is easy to work up a lovely lather with them, which I know is greatly appreciated by those who use the soap as shampoo and body soap. The soaps can be used on both adults, children and animals.

For some soaps we have adapted the recipe so that they will fit extra well as shampoo for certain types of hair, shaving, scrubbing or as household soap. In the picture below you can see which soaps are suitable for which hair type. The same goes for soap for body and hands , the left-most soaps are best suited for dry and sensitive skin..

The soaps are best cared for if they are allowed to hang or lie airy, eg on a soap hanger, on a loofah pillow, or on a specially designed ceramic soap dish. Or choose a soap on the rope and hang it on a appropriate hook. It can also be good to switch between two soaps, so that they can dry up between the uses and last longer!

Soap guide

The small soap shop in Ratan

If you want to smell and feel our products, you are welcome to Ratan soap shop, Ratan 1.

You can also choose to place your order on the website and pick it up at Ratan 1.

For opening hours & map to Ratan 1, click here.

Otherwise, we are open by appointment or when it suits us, often in connection with days to celebrate, as you may want to find a suitable gift then..

Keep an eye on instagram and facebook for our spontaneous hours.

Message Malin to discuss appropriate time for visits: 070-3166992

A selection of our products is available at the craft collective in Ratan, which I run with my friends. You are most welcome to visit our small sales stall beautifully located by the sea in the old harbor warehouse at Ratan's harbor during the summer season.

Other retailers can be found under the Retailers tab.

Production of the soaps

Our production is crafted according to old Swedish tradition, but with renewed knowledge. Click here and read more about our craftsmanship of solid soap.


Right now (spring-summer 2019) we have a break in course activities and hope to get started again in autumn 2019. In addition, the waiting list is long for courses in soap production.

When given the opportunity I offer courses for you and your friends in how you can make your own organic skin care and the art of cooking cold process soaps. Creating your own skin care products is a cozy craft and you also get a complete control at what you are lubricating your body with - no unnecessary chemicals. I put together a small number of courses for groups of about 6 people in the Soap Shop in Ratan per year. Contact me well in advance by e-mail if you want to know more. If you find it difficult to find your own group, you can contact me to join the e-mail list for open course dates. Those who are on the mailing list will get pre-information about when courses start.

Creator and founder Malin

Malin Lindmark, CEO, founder of Malin i Ratan. Creator and soap maker. Read Malin's own words about herself and the company's development by clicking here.

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Malin i Ratan follows the cosmetic legislation and obligations for the responsible person eg. with labeling of products, good manufacturing practice and notification of products to the EU Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP).

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