About our own products

Malin in Ratan's products are all about craft soap and everything that is good for the soap. 

Our organic solid soap is made in our own soap manufacture in Ratan and for a good soap we, of course, want good accessories. We produce these in collaboration with carefully selected environmentally conscious entrepreneurs.

The labels are printed by a small local printer in Umeå with environmentally friendly printing. The label is made of twig paper which consists of 100% recycled fiber and twig pulp. No added bleach and no environmentally harmful chemicals are used in the production of the paper. You sort the label as paper.

Handmade Eco Soap

Our soaps are handmade from oils of organically grown plants. The main ingredient is KRAV-labeled cold-pressed Swedish rapeseed oil, which can be saponified together with other organic vegetable oils (olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, castor oil and sunflower oil). When the oils are saponified, glycerin is formed which moisturizes the skin.

We use no unnecessary additives and no animal ingredients (except the wool around the felted soap). Real soap is alkaline and no parabens need to be added. We have actively chosen not to use palm oil, an environmentally critical oil that is, unfortunately, common in soap.

The solid soaps are available both in scented variants and unscented. We use mild fragrance with only essential oils from the plant kingdom. Natural dyes such as ground herbs or mineral pigments are used for the soaps with color. 

Here you can read more about Handmade Eco Soap and look at our products.

Laundry - Cleaning - Dishwashing

We also have popular household solid soaps that replace many cleaning products in the home, both for laundry, cleaning and dishwashing. 

Here you can take a look around and read more about our household soaps and other products.

Sizes and shapes of our soaps

Our soaps are made in three different sizes: small (40 g), large (110 g) and extra large on a hemp rope (170 g). Most soaps also come as soap flakes in a bag. The household soaps are available in two sizes: 160 g and 80 g, as well as soap flakes.

Good for Handmade Eco Soap

Malin i Ratan's product series also consists of accessories that we think fit well with the soaps - Good for Handmade Eco Soap. We have developed products that your body / skin / hair will feel good about when you using the soaps.

Here you will find products that make it easier when you switch to hair washing with hair soap, such as deep cleansing clays and acid rinse. We also have wonderful organic oils for extra skin and hair care!

The best maintenance of the soaps is when they are allowed to hang or lie airy on a good barrel of soap. Malin has tried many different barrels over the years and is now working to develop her own collection.

We also offer a scrubbing bag for soap scraps, toiletries and the soap bag to take your soap on the trip and to the gym.

Here you can read more about Good for Handmade Eco Soap.

An environmentally friendly home

We are now expanding our range with other environmentally wise products for your home. We want to contribute with environmentally friendly materials, smart functions as well as Swedish-made. Check out our reusable coffee filters in linen, crocheted dishcloths, nice toiletries and other usefull furnishings and tools.