Body & Hair

Artisan soap from Sweden. Mild, organic soap bars in different sizes. If you want to find your favourite, we recommend our small packages of test soaps. Also check out the popular starter kit for No-Poo and hair washing with soap. 

True soap bars made by saponification of organic vegetable oil and fat. The soaps are superfat and contain naturally produced moisturising glycerine. The soaps are available both in scented varieties with essential oils and as completely natural-no added fragrance. True soap is alkalic and no parabens need to be added. We have actively chosen soaps without palm oil, an otherwise common cheap oil in soap.

Is it possible to wash your hair with soap? Yes, an artisan soap works great for hair washing for most people. There are a few tricks along the way so feel free to read more in our blog about Hair & Soap as well as in our Hair & Soap guide on Instagram.

Tvålpåse Luffa
10.62 EUR
Bathroom Gift Kit
106.15 EUR
Felted soap
From 15.92 EUR
Handmade Eco Soap Clove
From 7.24 EUR
Argan oil, organic
From 13.03 EUR
18.34 EUR
Comb of Abroform
3.38 EUR
Kam - glestandad
9.65 EUR
23.16 EUR
Rakhyvel Váli
26.06 EUR
5.79 EUR
Ansiktsborste våt
17.37 EUR
9.17 EUR
Badborste tampico
13.51 EUR
15.44 EUR
Sisal soap bag
5.31 EUR
Tandborste bambu
From 3.38 EUR
Toothbrush case
4.83 EUR
Back scratcher
12.55 EUR
By Sara: Trial pack
From 24.13 EUR 24.13 EUR
c/o GERD: 24/7 Skin Balm
From 3.86 EUR
Gift Set - Shaving
37.64 EUR

When you wash your hair with hair soap, there are some nice accessories that may suit you, hair detox, acid rinse and good hairbrushes. 

For your beard care, we offer fine shaving brushes for shaving soaps and oils and beard brushes to nourish it. Our organic oils nourish both hair, face, and body. Here you will also find good choices of deodorants, ointments and lip balm made by other Swedish artisan producers.