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Gift set No 'Poo Mixed small soaps

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Do you want to test a more environmentally friendly hair care?

There is a whole world of knowledge when it comes to alternative hair washing methods where you avoid unnecessary chemicals. This movement is called "No 'Poo", which is a pun meaning "no shampoo and no crap". We at Malin i Ratan obviously think that a good soap is the best and simplest no 'poo-method. Of course, it is possible to think no 'poo even when it comes to body care and the household. Using no 'poo methods is better for hair, skin, home and environment.

Here we have put together a good starting kit on your journey towards kinder hair care. It contains three different soaps,  so you can experiment which variety best suited to your hair. Select in menu "With added scent" or "Without added scent"

All products in gift box from Malin i Ratan:

Rhassoul Detox, 100g
Acid rinse hibiscus, 40g


3 small soaps 40g / pcs:

In the variant with scent:
Handmade Eco Soap Nettle & Birch
Handmade Eco Soap Red Clay & Rose - with scent of patchouli
Handmade Eco Soap Shea & Avocado - fresh herbal scent

In the variant without added scent:
Handmade Eco Soap Rhassoul & Calendula - unscented
Handmade Eco Soap Red Clay & Rose - unscented
Handmade Eco Soap Shea & Avocado - unscented


flik2 Tips


Hair washing with handmade eco soap

Wet the soap bar, massage a foam in the hands or by putting shampoo bar on the hair. Massage the scalp well and rinse thoroughly. Wash twice. Finish by rinsing with cold water.

Acid rinse - for more gloss and if you have hard water. Acid rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar, lemon, or tea, eg of hibiscus. Or continue to use your organic conditioner a while longer. Especially recommended if you have hard or medium water.

Rhassoul detox - A hair mask with rhassoul clay. Facilitates the transition from "regular shampoos" with strong surfactants and styling products with a lot of silicones or if you experience a greasy transitional period.

Brush the hair - when it is dry. Preferably with a pig hair brush (tampico brush - vegan) or brush with wooden bristles. Preferably 100 puffs per day to stimulate the scalp and distribute the natural sebum. We therefore recommend to supplement with a good brush and an untangling comb.

Dry schampoo - Try to reduce the number of hair washes over a week. Sometimes it is enough to rinse the hair with just water.
Or try to mix your own dry shampoo with potato flour / arrowroot and / or cocoa. Distribute in the scalp with makeup brush.

Caring oil - Try our organic luxury argan oil or camellia oil. Apply a few drops on damp hair tips / lengths. Good for dry damaged hair tips, lengths and scalp. Use warm oil as hair mask, massage in lengths and scalp, leave on for about 15 minutes or overnight under warm towel, then wash out several times with cleansing hair soap.