Experience Soap - Activities in the Eco Store

There is something special about a wonderfully lathering eco soap. The smells, the lather, the feeling of the love of the craft.

The eco soap should be experienced! Want to experience this with us in Ratan?

We offer three events in Ratan's soap factory where you and your friends or colleagues can enjoy different experiences with our handmade eco soap. In the surroundings where the soap is made. Welcome to the Eco Store, Ratan 1!

Experience soap, choose from the activities:

  • Foot spa with eco soap

  • Wool felting your own soap

  • Your own time with Malin

Here you can read more about other pleasant activities to do in combination with your soap experience during your visit to Ratan.

Foot spa with eco soap

Gather your friends and take care of your feet at Malin i Ratan! We arrange a lovely lathering foot bath with suitable accessories. With your individual washbasin you get to scrub and lather your way to the eco soap you like the best!

We will be bubbling and cosying for about two hours. The price includes the opportunity to explore which soaps are best suited to the needs of your feet, you get tips and advice from our knowledgeable staff. On site, you can try clay peeling and other nourishing eco products from our selected producers. You will go home with a goodie bag each with selected foot care products from the Eco Store, worth SEK 455.

During the event we will be tasting Umeå - produced chocolate from Jenny at Nordic Chocolate and enjoying a good locally made drink. If you want something bubbly with an extra kick, it is of course possible to bring your own drink to toast your friendship.

Price: from 645 SEK

Group booking only

Number of people: minimum 6

The booking request is made by e-mail to event @ maliniratan.se

Wool felting your own soap

Learn the technique of wool felting your own soap! Together with your friends, you will learn the craft of wool felting soap. We use Swedish wool from Gotland sheep.

For 2 hours you will be guided by Lisa, our wool artist. She will provide you with the knowledge you need to master this craft technique. You can bring your homemade wool soaps back home along with instructions and materials to felt another soap later, a total value of SEK 480.

We offer drinks/tea/coffee and snacks.

Course leader: Lisa Bjurdamm, educated in crafts and textiles at Umeå University. The Seamstress of soap making and First Wool Felter.

Price: from 795 SEK

Group booking only

Number of people: minimum 6

The booking request is made by e-mail to event @ maliniratan.se

Minispa: Try Oil Cleansing Method

Oil Cleansing Method involves using vegetable oils as a cleanser. “OCM” is based on the principle that fat dissolves fat. The oil dissolves make-up (all make-up contains fat) and dirt but leaves a protective film on the skin. A cleansing oil is more gentle on the skin's protective fatty acid mantle compared to a foaming surfactant. Does it sound interesting? 

Together we test Organics by Sara's oil-based cleaning products - gentle organic skin care. We go through the skin care routine step by step, where you get a goodie bag with Sara's products for your own home use to the value of SEK 250. Perfect for those who want to learn more about organic skin care.  

Price: 495 SEK

Group booking only

Number of people: minimum 6

The booking request is made by e-mail to event @ maliniratan.se

Book the Eco Shop

Gather a group of friends or colleagues and have some alone time in the Eco Shop in Ratan after closing! We tailor your experience to your interests and are happy to talk in more detail about Hair & Soap, Skin & Soap and Eco-friendly home.

Book the store for about 1 hour for your own time and personal shopping. During the evening you also get a 10% discount in the eco store and guidance with personal shopping. 

Price: Free of charge

Group bookings only, after closing time

Number of people: minimum 8 pers

The booking request is made by e-mail to event @ maliniratan.se

Your own time with Malin

Are you a little more curious with a thirst for knowledge? Gather a bunch of friends or colleagues and get your own time with Malin at the Eco Store in Ratan! Choose one of the following three themes and be inspired by Malin's knowledge and passion for crafting soap.

  • Hair & Soap

  • Eco friendly home

  • From hobby to female entrepreneurship in a rural area

Each theme will be explored in about 2 hours with inspirational conversations, tips and stories. The price includes snacks and a goodie bag with selected products from the Eco-Store, worth SEK 245. During the evening you will also get a 10% discount in the Eco Store with personal shopping guidance.

Course leader: Malin Lindmark, owner and founder of Malin i Ratan AB. Educated in natural sciences, former environmental consultant, now creator, soap maker and entrepreneur.

Price: from 365 SEK

Group booking only

Number of people: minimum 6

The booking request is made by e-mail to event @ maliniratan.se

Theme: Hair & Soap

Be introduced to natural hair care and which soaps are suitable for your hair. I will share all the tips and experiences that our customers have shared in their journey to No Poo. You will have the opportunity to test different recipes of natural wrappings and acid rinses.

Theme: Eco friendly home

Here you will find tips and inspiration for a more environmentally friendly home and how you can rid your bathroom and kitchen of chemicals and plastics for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Theme: From hobby to female entrepreneurship in a rural area

Malin talks about her journey from soap maker as a hobby to running a sustainable business in the northern countryside. We love collaborations and will discuss how these can add to the countryside and entrepreneurship.

Activities for Tour Organizers 

Are you planning activities for larger groups arriving by bus? Malin in Ratan is a popular excursion destination, and we warmly welcome larger groups to the Soap Factory and Eco Shop. The premises are accessibility-adapted with a ramp and accessible restroom facilities. We have a large parking area with space for buses to turn and park. Learn more about our activities for larger groups below: