Soap manufacturing in Ratan

In the small coastal village of Ratan in Västerbotten, with the sea and nature and the environment steeped in culture and history as sources of inspiration, I create my cold-stirred soaps. I produce them using old artisan methods, but with renewed knowledge and with natural and organic ingredients. // Malin

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Artisan manufacturing

Our handmade eco soap is so much more than just a soap. It is a craft that we have developed with care, and a versatile product that can replace many cleaning products at home and our spare time.

The craft method we use is called cold-stirred soap. The artisan soap is moisturising with its naturally formed glycerine, and it is nourishing with a choice of deep-acting oils and the super-greasing process.

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Certifications and collaborations

We are a Västerbotten Experience. This means that you are offered genuine experiences of Västerbotten's culture and nature when you visit us. As a Västerbotten Experience, we build our business on sustainability. And with a Västerbotten lifestyle and hospitality in focus. Keep an eye out for the Västerbotten Experience seal when planning your trip.

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NOC Sweden is a non-profit association and trade organisation for anyone who wants natural, organic skin and beauty care to become the obvious choice for the Swedish skin care consumer – for efficiency, for health, and for our environment.

 We are an honest partner of Rekokollen, which reviews the market's organic skin care products and helps you as a consumer to make clean and honest product choices. They make it easier for consumers to find products with more authentic content, benefiting manufacturers who create products with genuine and true content, benefiting companies that produce raw materials in a natural and genuine way, and highlighting products with minimally processed ingredients.

About us in media

Here we have collected articles and reports about Malin i Ratan in the media and in blogs.

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Awards and Exhibitions

Malin i Ratan nominering Icas entreprenörspris 2021
ICA entrepreneur award 2021
 Nominated for local hero of the year

Organic Beauty Awards 2019

nominated best product - top 5!

Organic Beauty Awards 2018
nominated best hand soap

Won funding for a limited company

Ullbaggen 2019
New business opportunities in rural areas

Arctic Design of Sweden 2019
Exhibition Three Days of Design, Copenhagen 2019

Ekofavorit nr: 3 Ecotips follower, 2018

Centerwomen award 
- to driven and creative female entrepreneurs, 2016

Malin Lindmark
CEO, founder of Malin i Ratan. Creator and soap maker. 

Malin i Ratan complies with cosmetics legislations and obligations for the responsible person, including labelling of products, good manufacturing practice and notification of products to the EU Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) and the Swedish Chemicals Agency.

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