Eco boutique in Ratan

A boutique near the sea...

Wondering what our colourful soap bars smell like? If you want to get to know our products, we would like to welcome you to our Eco Store in Ratan.

Here you will find the soaps that nourish when washing your hands.

Here you will find our own artisan soap bars and sustainable accessories for eco soaps. Our store is also filled with good food from local producers, other selected products that enhance your soap experience and even more soap and organic skin care from other Swedish entrepreneurs and soap manufacturers.

You can also choose to place your order on our website and collect it in our Eco Store, Ratan 1.

Find us and opening hours

Ekobutik, Ratan 1
915 97, Bygdeå

We work here

Meet the staff who work in the store. These soap makers are bubbling with creativity, joy and love working up a lather with the very craft of eco soaps, something to break the ice anywhere.

Read more about the staff in Eco Boutique

Our happy holiday workers also work here. During the summers we have a large group of holiday workers with us - you can still meet some of them in our store on Sundays or during holidays.

Attractions in Ratan

Ratan, a cosy little bustling village by the sea. With a beautiful nature and an interesting cultural history, there is a lot to discover.

Rent a rowing boat and row over to Rataskär. Swim at Storsand Sea Bath. Spend the night with your caravan, mobile home, or tent at our Quickstop or camping.

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