Artisan soap - Handmade in Sweden

Here you will find true soap - artisan manufactured in Sweden.

There are so many talented soap makers in our elongated country. We want to spread understanding and knowledge about all the benefits of artisan soap and highlight the diversity of artisanship. We do this by expanding our soap selection to you as a customer here in our webshop. We now offer more handmade soaps from Swedish artisan producers. Fragrance free or with fragrance from essential oils. Carefully selected with a large proportion of organic ingredients.

Our own popular soaps for body and hair - Handmade Eco soaps, Malin i Ratan. They are a “5 in one product": body soap, facial soap, shaving soap, shampoo and conditioner - reduce unnecessary packaging in your bathroom. Do you want to know which handmade eco soap is best suited for your skin and hair? Check out our soap guide.

We are proud manufacturers of Organics By Saras and c/o GERD fine organic soaps. You can find them here on our webpage. Please read Sara's soap school in three parts on her blog.

Doftfri Tvål & Flakes
22.20 EUR 28.95 EUR
Felted soap
From 16.89 EUR
Handmade Eco Soap Clove
From 7.24 EUR
TvålaTvaga: Ocean
16.89 EUR

If you want to know more about why handmade soap is so good, then click on the tab About Malin i Ratan and the blog Nyponros.

Artisan soap thrives best on an airy soap dish, preferably of a grid type. They like to dry up from time to time and each soap lasts longer if you switch between two different soaps.