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We love collaborations! We would love to offer you more great, sustainable, and genuine products, created with the joy and care of smaller artisan producers in Sweden.

Both good accessories for our own handmade eco soap as well as complements as other kitchen and bathroom products. Even if we would like to, we simply do not have time to make all the amazing things that we would love to offer you. 

Over the years, our founder Malin has created a fantastic network with other talented producers who are passionate about sustainable and artisan products made in Sweden. Feel free to contact us with suggestions of what you would like to see in our expanded range here in the web shop.

We review the content and knowledge of our partners and only add things for which we can really vouch. Knowing the people behind the production is especially important. Honest and fine people who are passionate about their craft.

Vallakokerskan - Biovalla
From 28.95 EUR
Pesula lantbruk: Lingonsenap
3.62 EUR 7.24 EUR
Redecker: WC
From 34.74 EUR
Sisal soap bag
5.31 EUR
Váli: Rakhyvel
26.06 EUR
Váli: Rakblad
5.79 EUR
Soap dish, cork
6.76 EUR
Loofah pad round
From 4.83 EUR
Comb of Abroform
3.38 EUR
7.24 EUR
Washing-up whisk
Sold out
Scrubbing brush
From 16.41 EUR
Cocoa Nibs
From 9.17 EUR
Cocao Powder
From 9.17 EUR
Oat Chocolate
9.17 EUR
Soap dish, bamboo
11.10 EUR
Redecker: Tvålfat emalj
From 27.99 EUR
TvålaTvaga: Ocean
16.89 EUR
Scoop, small
2.90 EUR
Yarn Arezzo linen
From 4.83 EUR
17.37 EUR
Honey Spoon
Sold out
Shoe horn
17.37 EUR
Bench brush
21.23 EUR
Blueberry Powder
16.89 EUR
Dried Blueberries
13.03 EUR
Cloudberry Syrup
9.17 EUR
14.48 EUR
Back scratcher
15.44 EUR
BBQ brush
6.27 EUR
Fjällfrö porridge
From 10.62 EUR
c/o GERD: 24/7 Skin Balm
From 14.19 EUR