A world of genuine soap

Handmade eco soap is so much more than just a soap...

It is a craft that we have developed with care and a versatile product that can replace shower gel as well as shampoo, facial cleansing, lotion and shaving soap in your bathroom. We also have popular household soaps for both washing, dishes and cleaning. They work as soap in solid form. 

By choosing our soap bars, you are reducing the amount of unnecessary chemicals and packaging in your household – great, right?

We want to highlight the benefits of good accessories for the true soap.

Join our world of what we think are great cleaning products for body, hair, and home and how great it is to have accessories that enhances the experience of true soap into something that is well liked and positive.

About our own products

Our own popular soaps for body and hair - handmade eco soaps, Malin i Ratan. They are a “5 in one product": body soap, facial soap, shaving soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Do you want to know which handmade eco soap is best suited for your skin and hair? Check out our soap guide

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Genuine soap - artisan manufactured in Sweden

There are so many talented soap makers in our elongated country. We want to spread understanding and knowledge about all the benefits of artisan soap and highlight the diversity of artisanship. We do this by expanding our soap selection to you as a customer here in our web shop. We offer several handmade soaps from Swedish artisan producers. Fragrance free or with fragrance from essential oils. Carefully selected with a large proportion of organic ingredients.

We are proud manufacturers of Organics By Saras and c/o GERD fine organic soaps. You can find them here on our webpage. Please read Sara's soap school in three parts on her blog.

We love collaborations

We love collaborations and in our stores you will also find good complements to our own series such as selected products from other artisan producers. Including other skin care products, household products, local and organic food and accessories for body, hair, house and home.


Hud & Tvål

En fast handgjord ekotvål är en mild och skonsam tvål för din hud. Våra tvålar har olika egenskaper och uppfyller olika behov. I denna bloggkategori tar vi upp hud och tvål.

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Hår & Tvål

Vad är No-poo? Hårtvål? Vilken tvål ska jag använda till mitt hår? Här finner du blogginlägg om naturlig hårvård.

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Hem & Tvål

Tvätta, städa, diska med naturliga produkter. Med fasta våra fasta tvålar minskar du mängden onödiga kemikalier och förpackningar i ditt hushåll. Här samlar vi hur du använder våra ekotvålar i hemmet för tvätt, städ och disk.

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Fritid & Tvål

Ska du resa? Vandra? Ta med dig din fasta tvål på resan. I denna bloggkatergori fritid och tvål visar vi hur ekotvålen används i naturen.

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