Kitchen & Home

Under the menu Kitchen & Home we have collected our household soaps - soap bars & soap flakes and good accessories for Laundry/Cleaning/Dishes. 

Read detergent test by Saras Evigas, where our soap bars were voted Best in the test category with detergent. You can read more about how to reduce the chemicals in your everyday life in this blog post: Soap for washing, cleaning and dishes

Here you will also find the really scrubbing Kitchen & Garden soap, perfect for dirty hands. 

We also sell the fine cleaning products from Västerbottenssåpa, made from recycled fat.

A handmade eco soap needs a good soap dish to dry it up. We have found the best for you and also good boxes/bags, so you can bring your soap with you on your trip or to the gym.

Here you will also find locally produced food, including the good organic chocolate that is made in the small-scale chocolate factory in Umeå. Bean-to-Bar, vegan friendly and free from most things.

18.34 EUR
Soap + Soap Hanger
From 38.12 EUR
Loofah scrub
5.31 EUR
Loofah pad round
From 4.83 EUR
Soap case
5.79 EUR
Soap bag for the trip
From 11.58 EUR
Gift Kit - Dishes
35.71 EUR
Vallakokerskan - Biovalla
From 28.95 EUR
Redecker: WC
From 34.74 EUR
7.24 EUR
Sisal soap bag
5.31 EUR
Yarn Arezzo linen
From 4.83 EUR
Back scratcher
15.44 EUR
Shoe horn
17.37 EUR
14.48 EUR
Bench brush
21.23 EUR
BBQ brush
6.27 EUR
Washing-up whisk
8.69 EUR
Scrubbing brush
From 16.41 EUR
Toothbrush case
4.83 EUR
Soap dish, bamboo
11.10 EUR
Soap dish, cork
6.76 EUR
Redecker: Tvålfat emalj
From 27.99 EUR
Honey Spoon
3.38 EUR
Fjällfrö porridge
From 10.62 EUR
Cloudberry Syrup
9.17 EUR
Blueberry Powder
16.89 EUR
Oat Chocolate
Sold out
Cocoa Nibs
From 9.17 EUR
Cocao Powder
From 9.17 EUR
17.37 EUR
Scoop, small
2.90 EUR

Här hittar du även den rejält skrubbande Kök & Trädgård tvålen, perfekt för smutsiga händer. 

En Handgjord Ekotvål behöver ett bra tvålfat för att torka upp. Vi har hittat de bästa till dig och även bra askar/påsar för att ta med dig din tvål på resan eller till gymmet.

Här finner du även lokalproducerad mat, bland annat den goda ekologiska chokladen som tillverkas i den småskaliga chokladfabriken i Umeå. Bean-to-Bar, veganvänlig och fri från det mesta.