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Ceramic Soap Dish - Malin i Ratan

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In collaboration with Mokk Sweden AB, we have developed Malin i Ratan's own ceramic soap dish. Inspired by the pattern on our labels, Chris and Monica from Luleå have shaped these fantastically beautiful and functional soap dishes for your handmade eco soap. 

The soap dish is available in different colours, turquoise, white, mint green and granite, please choose your colour in the menu. The dish in granite changes colour and can therefore be perceived as brown but also with hints of blue or white tones. The turquoise dish is matte, the rest with a glossy glaze.

Handmade eco soap fare better on an airy soap dish, so the dish is designed with elevated veins on leaves and additionally there are holes in the dish so excess water can run off. It is a good idea to supplement with an oval Loofah sponge to place under the dish.

Dimensions approx. 8*12 cm

Small ceramic feet under the dish with the distance of approx. 8*4cm.

flik3 Tips


The dish has small ceramic feet; therefore it is a good idea to put Loofah sponge under the soap dish for stability. The sponge is great for collecting the water under the dish and it reduces the risk of scratches on the table surface.