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Loofah pad oval, Malin i Ratan

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flik1 Description


Malin i Ratan's oval Loofah sponge - perfect to use underneath an airy soap dish to collect soapy water. 

Also works as a simple soap dish to put on the sink or edge of bathtub, but it does not ventilate as well as our Loofah pillow.

The sponge serves a double function as the natural soap dries up very well and water and wet soap remain in the lower layer of the sponge. You can then reuse the soap residue by soaking the sponge and when cleaning wipe the sink or bathtub with the bottom of it. Great idea, right?

Material: Loofah cucumber (Luffa cylindrica), cotton thread.

Dimension: 8*12 cm 

flik2 Tips


Before use: soak and fluff it up - let dry.

Wash at 30 degrees Celsius.

Care instructions: let the sponge dry up from time to time, preferably once a week or more often. I usually rinse well and let it dry after I have scrubbed the sink clean. This reduces the risk of discolouring the sponge. It is a good idea to switch between two different sponges.

The Loofah sponge makes the soap dishes steadier and reduces the risk of scratches. It collects soap residue well and can be easily cleaned. The size fits the soap dish leaves from Malin i Ratan.