Selected food creators

We love collaborations and locally produced food. In our Eco Store in Ratan, more and more food products from small-scale local producers are now offered, mainly from Västerbotten but also from other parts of Norrland and at times from the rest of Sweden. We fill the shelves in the eco store with food from selected creators.

Rhubarb nectar
4.34 EUR
Apple Juice
Sold out
Sold out
Cloudberry Syrup
Sold out
Blueberry Powder
9.65 EUR
Honey Spoon
Sold out
Fjällfrö porridge
From 10.62 EUR
Chocolate 65% with Cranberries
6.95 EUR 8.69 EUR
Oat Chocolate
8.69 EUR
Cocoa Nibs
From 9.17 EUR
Cocao Powder
From 9.17 EUR
23.64 EUR