Haircare, beard & bath

Here you will find products that we like and that fit well with our HandmadeEco soaps when you use them for shampooing, shaving and bathing. Want to learn more about hair washing with our soaps? Check out our blog section on hair and soap, as well as our guide on Instagram.

There are some good and important accessories for hair care with Eco soap, such as special hairbrushes, acid rinses, detox clay and nourishing light oils. 

For your wet shave we offer nice shaving brushes, and the beard also benefits from the nice organic oils that you can find here.

From other producers we have selected a solid conditioner and shampoo from Grön Lycka - for those who want to continue with shampoo/conditioner, but who want to reduce unnecessary packaging. Also check the Gift Kit menu, where you will find gift sets of soaps and brushes.

Soap bag loofah
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Argan oil, organic
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Comb of Abroform
3.38 EUR
Toothbrush case
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Váli: Rakhyvel
26.06 EUR
Váli: Rakblad
5.79 EUR
Sisal soap bag
5.31 EUR
Gift Set - Shaving
37.64 EUR

Tips Shampooing with Handmade Eco soap:


For more shine and if your water is hard. Acid rinses with diluted (about 1part weak acid, 9 parts water) apple cider vinegar, lemon, or tea, e.g. from organic hibiscus. If you want, you can try the solid conditioner cake or use your eco conditioner for a while longer.


A hair mask with rasul. Facilitates the transition from “regular shampoos" with strong surfactants and styling products with a lot of silicone or if you experience a greasy transition period.


When it is dry. Preferably with a brush with pig's hair (tampico brush –vegan) or a brush with bristles made from wood. Preferably 100 brushes per day to stimulate the scalp and distribute the natural sebum.


If you have more greasy hair, then choose a cleansing shampoo. In case of dry and curly hair, choose a shampoo with shea butter, extra nourishing and rich. Please refer to our Soap Guide. Soaps with and without added fragrance are available.


Massage the soap in your hand and your scalp, work up a lather, preferably twice. Wash pillowcases and hats frequently. Clean the hairbrush from hair and dust with brush cleaners & wash with soapy water. 


Try to reduce the number of times you use shampoo in a week. Sometimes it is enough to rinse your hair with just water. Or try mixing your own dry shampoo with potato flour/arrowroot and/or cocoa. Distribute on the scalp with a make-up brush.


Dry hair ends, locks and scalp are cared for with a light organic oil, e.g., Argan oil in damp hair.

Now you can buy the printed information sheet about Shampooing with Handmade Eco soap.