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Acid rinse: Organic hibiscus

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After washing with handmade eco soaps, it is good to finish with an acid rinse to contribute to the shine of the hair. An infusion of hibiscus leaves has low pH and works excellently as a fragrant acid rinse after washing. Or pour into a spray bottle and spray on damp hair after washing as a spray conditioner.

With an acid rinse, the hair feels cleaner for many. An acid rinse makes some product residues detach from the hair. Especially if you live in an area with hard, calcareous water or have long or damaged hair.

Apple cider vinegar, pressed lemon, black tea, kombucha or tea of hibiscus are examples of acid rinse. Apple cider vinegar is the most common but many do not like the scent. Therefore, we have developed Acid rinse: Organic hibiscus!

Choose between:
40 g, about 1 dl, is sufficient for up to 20 acid rinses
100 g, is enough for about 50 acid rinses


flik2 Ingredients


Dried Organic Hibiscus Hibiscus sabdariffa


flik3 Tips



Take 1 teaspoon organic hibiscus in 1 dl of hot water, let it steep and strain - you have then mixed your own acid rinse. After washing with eco soaps, pour the infusion over the scalp and allow it to drain down the hair, let it work for a few minutes and then rinse with cold water. If you have long hair, you can  let the lengths lie in a bowl with the acid rinse before pouring it over the hair.

Finish with a cold rinse. In order not to be too cold, you can bend your head down and turn your hair upside down so you don't get cold water on you. Some do not think they need to rinse out an acid rinse, try out and see what suits you.

Organic hibiscus is red in color and should therefore not be used for very blond hair. Also be careful with stains on bright textiles.

You can also use the leaves for tea and for a nice color and acidity in iced tea and drinks.

Care instructions:

The infusion should be used immediately or can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days if you have been careful about hygiene and cleanliness. 

The hibiscus is red and should therefore not be used for very blond hair. Also be careful with stains on bright textiles.

Facts about acid rinse

If you need acid rinse hair after washing with soap depends primarily on whether you have hard water in your area and how  worn the hair is by the sun, blow-drying, coloring, perming, rough brushing and the like.

Browse the product images and check out the fact sheet about acid rinse, everything is about chemistry. It is easier to understand the meaning of acid rinse when you understand the ions ability to bind to each other. The negative charge of the hair that attracts the positive ions of the tap water (especially hard water). The negative charge of the soap that wants to bind to the positive ions and how the acid causes the positive ions to be washed away with the soap.

Read more about the chemistry behind acid rinse on the Nyponros blog