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Magnetic Soap Holder

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flik1 Description


Stylish design in the bathroom

With this product you can stylishly decorate your bathroom with our colourful echo soaps.

The soap holder consists of a suction plug, a strong magnet and a cap. The suction plug is hidden by the soap attached to the magnet.

Since it has a suction plug, it can be easily removed and re-attached. The suction plug is 34 mm in diameter.

This soap holder contributes to a minimalist look to the bathroom and can be placed as well as moved around on different types of surfaces without damaging the wallpaper, paint or tiles. 

The soap holder can hold a soap with a weight of up to 150g.

Manufactured in the EU.

flik2 Instructions


The suction plug is placed on any smooth surface, then the cap with spikes is pushed down into the soap. Let the soap dry up after use.

flik3 Tips


Suitable for attaching both to the bathtub, sink, smooth tiles, and shower wall. A smooth wet room wallpaper will also work well. Lets your solid eco soap dry up between uses. Do not put directly under the shower beam as you will lose a lot of soap unnecessarily. If you have lost the cap, you can replace it with a cap from a regular beverage bottle. Keep in mind that if you attach the cap to damp soap, it may need to dry for a while, so the cap does not come off when you remove the soap from the strong magnet.