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Soap + Soap Hanger

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Soap hanger for wall mounting - the best solution to keep your soap dry!

Two complementary products in a meeting between two creators, soap hanger in wood made by Just Wood and Eco Soap from Malin i Ratan. Choose between a box with soap hanger and Calendula & Citrus, Red clay & Rose or Nettle & Birch.

Magnetic soap hanger in wood is made in Sweden by Just Wood. Designed to take as little space as possible in your bathroom, both functionally and visually. Solid Swedish birch, waxed with vegetable wax. The metal bit similar to a bottle cap is pushed into the soap, and the heavy magnet of the soap hanger holds the soap in the optimum position between washes. The soap hanger has a double-sided adhesive tape for mounting on tiles, it also works well on smooth wet room flooring. You can drill your own hole in wood if you want to use a screw to mount the hanger.


Mounting instructions are in the box. Mount the soap hanger in the bathroom and hang your soap on it. Here we have posted a film on facebook how we mount it. Also, be sure to follow us on facebook to get more tips and more info about our products!