Visit Ratan

A small village, a lot to discover

Beautiful nature with shorter hiking trails and interesting cultural history. Ratan has a natural deep harbor, which made the village an important hub of trade during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Here you can swim at Storsand Sea Bath, rent a boat and row over to Rataskär's Nature Reserve, which offers beautiful views and an interesting history trail.

You can spend the night with a caravan or tent at Storsand camping, with a mobile home at Quickstop at the harbor in the village where you can also dock with your boat. 

During the summer, there is an option for a good meal and coffee at the Tullgården restaurant.

Shop sustainably in Ratan

Welcome to the soap boutique

If you want to smell and feel our products, you are most welcome in Ratan's soap boutique, Ratan 1, beautifully located in the scenic tourist destination Ratan.

Welcome to Ratan!

Handcrafts in Ratan

During the summer season, Ratan has another shop where you can buy soap. In the old harbour warehouse there is a craft store that I run together with my friends in the Ratan Craft Guild.

Great food and coffee in Tullgården

With the sea as your neighbour, you can enjoy good food in exciting historical and scenic surroundings at Tullgården in Ratan. Here you will also find a Kulturum, a history exhibition about the port era, customs and shipping trade in Ratan and the war in 1809. You can also learn more about tectonic uplift and the beautiful natural environment by the sea. You can also get help with booking guided tours for groups to learn more about Ratan's attractions.

Discover Ratan

Ratan is a village with a lot to offer. A perfect excursion for all ages! Rent a rowing boat at the quay and row over to Rataskäret and visit the landmark Båken up close. Or take a cultural history hike along the coast where the skies meet the sea.

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