Handmade Eco Soap

Handmade Eco Soap is so much more than just a soap. It will give you a smooth skin, fresh scalp, natural hair and a calm, environmentally friendly home.

Our soaps are handmade from organically grown oils. The main ingredient in Malin i Ratan's handmade eco soaps is KRAV-certified cold pressed Swedish rapseed oil, which is saponified with other organic vegetable oils (olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, castor oil and sunflower oil).

The solid soaps are available both in scented varieties and with no added scent. We use a mild scent with only essential oils from the plant kingdom. The coloured soaps get their features from natural dyes such as ground herbs or mineral pigments.

We do not use any unnecessary additives and no animal ingredients (except for the wool around the felted soap). Genuine soap is basic and no parabens need to be added. We have actively chosen not to use palm oil, an environmentally criticized oil which, unfortunately, is common in soap.

Our handmade eco soaps are versatile and function as body soap, face soap, shaving soap, shampoo and conditioner, which reduces the amount of unnecessary packaging.

We also have popular household soaps that replace many cleaning products in the home, for washing, cleaning and dishwashing. They act like a soft soap in solid form.

If you want to know which Handmade Eco Soap is best suited for your skin and your hair and home, we invite you to view our soap guide.

The soaps are available in three sizes: Small, Large and Soap on a Rope. And most also as soap flakes/scrapes in a scrubbing bag. The household soaps are available in two sizes and as soap flakes.

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In addition to soap, the final product also contains glycerin, which is a natural moisturizer that makes the skin soft. Many people who use our soaps tell us that they do not become dry or need to lubricate the skin as often - it is thanks to the glycerin!

When you buy soaps from us, the weight of the soaps you get home can differ, even though they are of the same size. This is because the soaps lose weight over time, as they dry. It is the water in the soap that evaporates, and remaining is a soap that is lighter, but also more concentrated, and more economical for you who use it.

.For the genuine sense of craftsmanship, we cut the soaps by hand and the weight stated on the label is the fresh weight for that particular size's "normal soap". That is, the approximate weight of the soap when we cut it. Initially, the soaps weigh more, and eventually they dry and the water in them evaporates. Handcrafted soaps can lose up to 15% of their weight if they have dried for a long time. We have chosen to let it be so, because we do not want to add any unnecessary moisture-binding substances to our soaps. In this way you as a customer can get as natural and clean product as possible.

Handmade soap = Genuine soap! Read more about different ways to make solid soap on the blog Nyponros.com