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Soap guide - Malin i Ratan, Handmade Eco Soap

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You can use our soaps for almost all your cleaning - they are gentle enough to use on your face, suitable for hands and body, as shaving soap or as shampoo/conditioner.

It is easy to work up a lovely lather with them, which I know is greatly appreciated by those who use the soap as shampoo and body soap. The soaps can be used on both adults, children and animals.

For some soaps we have adapted the recipe so that they will fit extra well as shampoo for certain types of hair, shaving, scrubbing or as household soap.

In our soap guide you can see which soaps are suitable for any hair type. If you are new to no-poo, ie if you change from "ordinary shampoos" with strong surfactants, please choose a soap to the right of the guide. This is to minimize the risk of greasy hair during the weaning period. If you have dry and curly hair you can start with one of the soaps to the left in the guide.

Also check out our great accessories; hairbrushes, rhassoul detox and hibiscus rinse if you want to wash your hair with soap.

The same goes for soap for body and hands , the left-most soaps are best suited for dry and sensitive skin..

Soap guide printed on cardboard, 15*15 cm can be ordered here. Ideal when you want to give away the soaps as gifts and introduce your friend to Handmade Eco Soap from Malin i Ratan.