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Welcome to the eco boutique!

Here you will meet the staff behind the soap artisan craft. These soap makers are bubbling with creativity, joy and love working up a lather with the very craft of eco soaps, something to break the ice anywhere. We at Malin i Ratan strive to inspire a sustainable lifestyle and spread knowledge about the uses of handmade eco soap. Do you have a question when you are in the store? Ask any of us your question and we will answer to the best of our abilities.

Malin - founder of  Malin i Ratan

Entrepreneur, natural scientist, soap maker, team leader, nature lover and CEO of Malin i Ratan AB.

I have been making soaps for over 20 years - a fantastic fun craft. In 2013-2018, I decided to invest fully and turn my hobby into a business. Read more about my journey to my own company and soap making in Ratan here.

Läs mer om Malin - kreatören och grundaren

The Soap Team


Soap maker, supervisor and store manager. My favourite soap to make is Mint & Eucalyptus! It is a challenge and many steps in the process of getting the perfect colour and marbling of the soap makes each soap unique. Besides, it smells great!


Soap maker, order manager, web manager, customer service and managing our newsletters and social media. My favourite soap to make is Calendula & Citrus. It smells so good in the process. It also has such a lovely yellow/orange colour that reminds you of the sun and summer. It makes me happy and my dry skin even happier with this moisturising soap!


Soap maker, order handler, photographer and a cheerleader on social media posts. My favourite soap is probably Nettle & Birch. There are many steps and preparations before you can start the soap making, requiring your full attention, but when everything is prepared, the soap is quick to make, I like that balance. I think it smells great too!


First labeller. My favourite soap is Mint & Eucalyptus, it smells so good, and each soap has its own unique pattern! But for the hair I prefer to use one of the fatter soaps - Lavender or Calendula & Citrus.


Are now on study leave. My favourite soap to make is Red Clay & Rose with oriental scent of patchouli. I really like the smell and I love to colour soap with the clay!

Meet our holiday workers

We also have a wonderful group of holiday workers. During the summers you can meet our amazing young people who are happy to help you and answer your questions to the best of their abilities. Some of them you will meet in our store on Sundays or during holidays.

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Telephone: 070-3166992

E-mail questions about orders and products: order (@) maliniratan.se 

E-mail questions to Malin: hej (@) maliniratan.se   

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Malin i Ratan AB
Ratan 24, 915 97 Bygdeå, Sweden
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