Malin i Ratan - Eco Soap

Here you will find Malin i Ratan's wonderful soaps and good accessories.

"In the small coastal village of Ratan in Västerbotten, with the sea and nature and the cultural-historical environment as sources of inspiration, I create my cold-stirred soaps. I manufacture them in old-fashioned craftmanship, but with renewed knowledge and with natural and organic raw materials. "

Handmade Ekotvål is so much more than just a soap. It gives a smooth skin, fresh scalp, natural hair and a calm, environmentally friendly home.

Genuine soap is a craft that we have created with care, and a versatile product that can replace many products in your bathroom. Read more about the eco soaps handcrafted production in Västerbotten.

Do you want to know which Handmade Eco Soap is best suited for your skin and your hair and home, check out our soap guide. 

Digital Gift Card
From 24.13 EUR
Felted soap
From 15.92 EUR
Handmade Eco Soap Clove
From 7.24 EUR
Päls-schampo Lavendel
From 14.48 EUR
Päls-schampo Aktivt kol
From 14.48 EUR
Soap + Soap Hanger
From 38.12 EUR
Loofah Pillow
3.86 EUR
Loofah scrub
5.31 EUR
Tvålpåse Luffa
Sold out
Soap bag for the trip
From 11.58 EUR
Toothbrush case
4.83 EUR
Soap case
5.79 EUR
Argan oil, organic
From 13.03 EUR
Gift Set - Shaving
37.64 EUR
Bathroom Gift Kit
106.15 EUR
Gift Kit - Dishes
35.71 EUR

Komplettera din Handgjorda Ekotvål med våra produkter "Bra till Handgjord Ekotvål".  

 Handgjord Ekotvål trivs bäst på ett luftigt tvålfat, gärna av gallertyp eller en tvålhållare. De gillar att torka upp emellanåt och varje tvål räcker längre om du växlar mellan två olika tvålar.

Vill du veta mer om våra handgjorda tvålars alla fördelar kolla in sidan Handgjord Ekotvål, vår blogg och läs också på bloggen Nyponros.