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Camellia Oil, Organic

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Tea seed oil in glass pipette bottle, 30ml.

An organic carrier oil, also called tea seed oil, is almost odorless, thin and has a bright, clear color. The camellia oil both rehydrates, replenishes and adds luster to both hair and skin.


flik2 Usage


Use on dry damaged hair tips, lengths and scalp. Massage a few drops together with water into the hair. It is a half wet oil that penetrates quickly into the skin. Good for extra dry, sensitive skin, fine as facial oil. Used before or after cleaning with Handmade Eco Soap.


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Camelina Sativa Seed Oil, cold pressed and filtered.

Origin: Australia.

The camellia oil contains the antioxidants of the tea plant for the skin, the oil-soluble polyphenols.