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Handmade Eco Soap Laundry-Cleaning-Dishwashing - Unscented Solid Soap

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flik1 Description


A handmade organic soap suitable for washing, cleaning and dishwashing! Solid soap without added scent.

A soap with many uses! Enzyme-free, phthalate-free, good for you, your home and the environment.

Choose from the menu between two sizes, hand-cut fresh weight 80 or 160g, solid form.

The soap is also available as ready-made flakes. They can be found here.

The same type of soap is also available with scent - see "Laundry-Cleaning-Dishwashing - mild scent"

flik2 Ingredients


Made from organic certified oils of Swedish cold-pressed rapseed and coconut.

Ingredients (INCI): Sodium Canolat, Sodium cocate, Aqua, Glycerin.  Contains: > 30% Soap.

flik3 Tips



The best clothes care and the most environmentally friendly way to wash clothes is to not wash clothes, but to use clothes made of natural materials and air your clothes.

Use on stains and when washing by hand or in a laundry bag in the machine's detergent compartment - the soap dispenses itself. Put the soap in a bag so that it does not disappear into the machine, eg in our Scrubbing Bag for soap scraps in linen. Remember to remove the soap from the detergent compartment and remove the bag so that it can dry between the washers. The softer the soap is when you wash the more it dispenses.

We have asked our customers and most of them say that the small laundry soap of 80g is enough for about 30 washes in the machine's detergent compartment. But many also use it on stains before the laundry is put into the machine.

If you have extra dirty laundry, you can supplement with 1-2 tablespoons of soap flakes directly in the drum or in a similar soap bag that you fill with some tablespoons of soap flakes and then put in the drum.

Spirit vinegar in the fabric conditioner compartment removes bad odor and replaces the fabric conditioner. Mix one or two teaspoons of 24% spirit vinegar with just over twice as much water and pour into the fabric conditioner compartment - or simply pour into a small splash of vinegar directly into the fabric conditioner compartment. You can have a larger amount ready-made in a glass bottle to be shaken before each use. Really sweat-smelling clothes you can soak in spirit vinegar for a while before washing.

A natural detergent that fits very well to sensitive garments, to children's clothes and to you with sensitive skin, or you with fragrance sensitivity (then choose - unscented). Used to advantage if you have soft water where you live.


Pour hot water over the soap, soak for a few minutes, then remove the soap.

Vinegar or spirit vinegar may be good to mix with.


When hand washing, pour hot water over the soap, work up a lather with your hands, then remove the soap. You can also put the soap on a draining soap dish and just rub the clean wet dish brush against the soap - it is so easy to hand wash that way.

Has received the best rating for dishwashing detergent in Saras Eviga's test. Read more here. (in swedish)

Care instructions:

The soaps are best cared for if they are allowed to hang or lie airy, eg on a soap hanger, on a loofah pillow, or on a specially designed ceramic soap dish. Or choose a soap on the rope and hang it on a appropriate hook. It can also be good to switch between two soaps, so that they can dry up between the uses and last longer!