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Soap bag for the trip

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A bag for when you want to bring your handmade eco soap on the trip or to the training. You can easily hang the bag in the shower in the fine hemp cord. All our soap sizes fit in the soap bag.

Handmade by our partner Solsmula. The fabric is of the same type used for eg diaper pants for cloth diapers, so-called PUL fabric; polyurethane laminated polyester. The fabric is made of ecologically (oeko-tex) interlock.

Available right now in the colors olive green, mint green, light blue, light yellow, white, black. Select from the drop-down list.

Dimensions: about. 12*12 cm


Remember to air the soap when you get home.

Wash the bag 60 ° C, and also 90 ° C if necessary. No drying and chlorine bleaching.

Use our soap flakes in the washing machine when washing.