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Handmade Eco Soap Test-soaps

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3 test soaps in bag with printed soap guide. About 30-50g soap in total per bag.

Choose from different combinations:

Extra care: Shea&Avocado - fresh herbal scent, Lavender, Marigold & Citrus

Kitchen & home: Kitchen&Garden, Laundry-Cleaning-Dishwashing with and without scent

Hair and beard care: Nettle&Birch, Rhassoul&Calendula with or without scent, Pine & Spruce

Caring scent compote: Carnation or Pine & Spruce, Mint&Eucalyptus, Red clay&Rose

No added scent, bag of 4 different perfume-free soaps: Shea&Avocado, Red clay&Rose, Rhassoul&Calendula, Laundry-Cleaning-Dishwashing - all without scent (total weight about 40-70g).

Mixed: We have mixed 5 different test soaps, which you will get is a surprise. (total weight is about 50-80g)

The bags Extra care, Kitchen & home, Hair and beard care, Caring scent compote and Unscented can be purchased as a 10-pack with extra-affordable price. Perfect for goodie-bags and if you are a group who want to test the soaps. Also included are 10 information sheets about Handmade Eco Soap.