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Handmade Eco Soap Rhassoul & Calendula - gentle scent of citrus & lavender

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A handmade organic soap that fits the whole body and is extra good as a hair soap - shampoo bar.

Enriched with caring calendula oil and rhassoul clay. The rhassoul clay cleans the hair by absorbing grease. The marigolds are caring for the scalp.

The same kind of soap is also available without scent - see "Rhassoul & Marigold - unscented"

Hand-cut fresh weight is indicated in the menu. Choose between:

110g Large soap
170g Soap on hemp rope
40g Small soap
80g Soap flakes in scrubbing bag - perfect to hang in the shower
165g Soap Flakes Refill in paper bag


Made with certified organic saponified cold pressed Rapseed Oil (Swedish), Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter. Organic marigold leaves and herb extracts, Rhassoul clay. The one with scent also contains Essential oils Lemon grass and Lavender.

Ingredients: Sodium Canolat Sodium cocate Glycerin Aqua Sodium olevate Sodium castorate Sodium cocoa butterate. Calendula officinalis flower & oil, Maroccan lava clay.  Cymbopogon flexuosus oil, Lavandula agustifolia oil. Citral*, Linalool*.  *Fragrance component in essential oil.


Nettle & Birch, together with Rhassoul & Calendula are mainly designed as hair soaps (sometimes the words shampoo cakes or shampoo bars are used, but we like the word hair soap as the other words can easily be mixed with a regular shampoo in solid form, such as Grön Lycka's solid shampoo. The soaps also function as deep cleansing body soaps but are not recommended for you with very sensitive skin, which should rather choose a soap to the left in our soap guide.

We recommend these especially to those who find that other hair soaps weigh down their hair. They are also good organic soaps to start with when you want to reduce the chemicals in your everyday life and switch from "ordinary" shampoo to no 'poo Want to know what no 'poo is? Read more at

When washing hair, start by soaking the soap and working up a lather in your hands. Massage the soap into the wet scalp, work up a copious lather and massage thoroughly. Then rinse out thoroughly. Wash your hair twice. Avoid contact with eyes. Finish with an acid rinse and cold rinse. If you easily get greasy hair, you can alternate washing with rhassoul clay from time to time.

Care instructions:

The soaps are best cared for if they are allowed to hang or lie airy, eg on a soap hanger, on a loofah pillow, or on a specially designed ceramic soap dish. Or choose a soap on the rope and hang it on a appropriate hook. It can also be good to switch between two soaps, so that they can dry up between the uses and last longer!