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Handmade Eco Soap Red Clay & Rose - unscented

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flik1 Description


A handmade organic soap suitable for both body soap and hair soap. The soap is in the soap guide's intermediate layer for you with dry / combination skin or balanced hair. Caring, rehydrating  and cleansing at the same time.

Red clay (illite) gives the soap mildly cleaning properties and together with rose tea it contributes to the soap's fine red-pink color. This variant has no added scent and no rose petals inside the soap, which makes it scrub less than the variant with scent. We therefore recommend Red Clay & Rose - unscented for facial cleaning. The red clay gently cleanses and the skin is rehydrated by the rose water and the naturally formed glycerin. The fat in the soap encapsulates the moisture.

The same variety is also available with scent - see "Red Clay & Rose - Oriental fragrance of patchouli"

Hand-cut fresh weight is indicated in the menu. Choose between:

110g Large soap

170g Soap on hemp rope

40g Small soap

165g Soap flakes refill in paper bag

110g Large soap in box

170g Soap on rope in box

flik2 Ingredients


Ingredients: Sodium Canolat, Sodium cocate, Glycerin, Aqua, Sodium olevate, Sodium cocoa butterate, Sodium castorate, Red Clay, Rose extract and leaf.

flik3 Tips


When washing hair, start by soaking the soap and working up a lather in your hands. Massage the soap into the wet scalp, work up a copious lather and massage thoroughly. Then rinse out thoroughly. Wash your hair twice. Avoid contact with eyes. Finish with an acid rinse and cold rinse.

The soap is a versatile product that can replace both shower cream and shampoo, facial cleanser, lotion and shaving cream in your bathroom. You and the environment waste less packaging using a soap bar.

Care instructions:

The soaps are best cared for if they are allowed to hang or lie airy, eg on a soap hanger, on a loofah pillow, or on a specially designed ceramic soap dish. Or choose a soap on the rope and hang it on a appropriate hook. It can also be good to switch between two soaps, so that they can dry up between the uses and last longer!