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Felted soap

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FELTED SOAP; Felted soap gives a nice scrub and lovely lather in the shower. Felting soap is a craft so all soaps look different. Some have details of lighter wool.

Felted soap floats in the water and therefore fits well for outdoor baths and in the bathtub.

Felted soap feels slightly more oily than the soap that is not felted, because of the added fat from the wool.

About 80-90g

Choose from the menu between black wool or gray wool.

Which felts we use will vary, choose in the menu. Currently in stock:

With shea butter and cocoa butter for a wonderful creamy lather. The base of these is the soap Shea&Avocado;

- unscented

Extra caring with shea butter and avocado oil. Base is the Shea&Avocado soap with fragrance;

- fresh and herbal scent

Soap with shea butter and cocoa butter - wonderfully creamy. The base of this is the extra caring soap Lavender;

- lovely scent of lavender

Extra caring with marigold oil. Sunflower oil gives big bubbles. The base of these is the soap Calendula&Citrus;

- calendula & citrus

Shea butter gives a creamy soap that rehydrates. The base of these is Kitchen&Garden;

- scent of citrus & lavender

Creamy soap of rose tea and red clay. The base of these is the soap Red clay&Rose;

- oriental scent of patchouli

- unscented

The base of these is Pine & Spruce;

- forest scent from pine & spruce

Soap with softening cocoa butter and birch extract. The base of these is Nettle&Birch;

- fresh scent of birch

Soap enriched with caring marigold oil. The base of this is Rhassoul&Calendula;

- scent of citrus & lavender