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Gift Set Beard Care - Scent

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For those who want to care for their beard. Gift set containing a small Handmade Eco Soap Pine & Spruce, KaliFlower's organic beard oil with cedar wood fragrance and mustache/beard wax with juniper wood fragrance and as an option a beard brush from Redecker.

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Handmade Eco Soap Pine & Spruce, 40g

Lovely beard wax made by our colleague KaliFlower Organics in Värmland. Prevents skin under the beard from scratching/flaking, while giving the beard nourishment, soft styling and good gloss. Organic carrier oils from jojoba, almond, avocado and thistle. Glycerin and Vitamin E added for additional moisture and care.

Ingredients: Carthamus tinctorius, persea gratissima, simmondsia chinenesis, prunus dulcis, rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract, cedrus atlantica, boswellia carterii, pogostemon cablin, citrus bergamia, limonen.

30 ml in pipette glass bottle.

An organic beard wax also from KaliFlower Organics. Keeps facial hair in place and removes all spretighet. Provides a discreet gloss, medium strength. Mildly scented with classic fresh scent of Juniper (Juniper/Pine real essential oils). Instructions: Massage a little wax between your thumb and index finger to soften the consistency. Apply in mustache or beard and shape your own personal style.

Ingredients: cera flava*, cocos nucifera*, butyros permum parkii*, ricinus communis*, simmondsia chinensis*, pinus sylvestris, juniperus communis.

Optional: Small boar bristle hair brush

The perfect small boar hair brush for combing the beard, stimulates the skin and transports the beard's natural oils from the skin out into the lengths, giving the beard a natural shine. Oil-treated pear wood shaft, wild boar hair. Handmade in Germany, Redecker. Length: 14cm