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NaturligDeo Cream No Added Fragrance - Organic deodorant

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flik1 Description


Naturlig Deo makes organic handmade deodorants with care for both humans, animals and nature. They are made in Västerbotten by carefully selected ingredients. The deodorants work in a natural way by eliminating the sweat odor and absorbing the moisture. They are free from aluminum, alcohol, unnecessary chemicals and other additives. This organic deodorant is vegan and unisex. 

Producer: This deodorant is handmade by our friend and college Sara Lindahl in Norsjö, Västerbotten.

Scent:  With no added fragrances and made with fragrance-free coconut oil, this deodorant is perfect for those who want to use a fragrance-free deodorant. (Unisex)

Volume: Choose in the menu between 15ml, 60ml or 200ml 


flik2 Ingredients


Ingredients /INCI: Cocos Nucifera Oil*, Zea Mays Starch*, Sodium bicarbonate, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil*, Copernicia cerifera cera*.
* organic certified ingredient.


flik3 Tips


Use: Apply a thin layer under your armpits by taking a small dab of the deodorant. Wait a moment before you get dressed so that the deodorant can be absorbed in to your skin. Do not use directly after shaving when the skin is damaged. You can for example shave at night and then apply the deodorant in the morning because it also removes existing sweat odor. 

Good to know: This deodorant can cange depending on the temperature, some separation is normal. During summer can the consistency of the deodorant change due to the high temperatures. Open the lid carefully so it does not spill. 

If the deodorant turns into liquid just stir it with the back of a spoon an put it in the refrigerator a couple of hours. Later on you can bring it back in to room temperature again. Then it should go back to its original creamy consistency. If you have multiple jars of deodorant you can store the ones that you do not use in the refrigerator so that they keep their consistency and also stays fresh for longer. 

Beginner to natural deodorant?

Some people experience a so called "transition period" when they switch from a deodorant with aluminum to one without. This may cause more sweating than usual but be paitient because your body will most likely get used to the new deodorant. Just apply more if you feel like you need to.