Foot File and Nail File of Swedish Sandstone

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After washing with handmade eco soap, take care of your feet and nails with files made of Swedish sandstone - a robust and durable product that will accompany you throughout your life. These files are handmade from more than 360 million years old sandstone from Orsa in Dalarna. 

With an education as natural geographer, I just love these products made of sandstone, a naturally robust and durable product.

The files come in a bag of our linen fabric, with "Malin i Ratan” pattern. The bag contains a round foot file and a short oblong angled nail file with a cork case. The files are well protected and are easy to bring with you in the bag.

The foot file has two sides, one grooved and one smooth. The grooved side is used to removes calluses and old skin on the feet. The smooth side can be used as peeling on the rest of the body.

Dimensions - Foot file

Height: 23 mm
Diameter: 65 mm

The nail file gives the nails a nice and even edge. The file is slanted on one side so that it can easily follow the shape of the nail. 

It comes in a small cork case. 

Dimensions - Nail file

ca 50x20x9 mm

The linen bag is printed with own pattern, just as the linen towels from Malin i Ratan. Sewn and handmade locally by our partner Solsmula. Itis made from 100% linen with an Oeko-Tex certified cotton cord.

flik2 Contents


Crafted in Dalarna.

flik3 Tips




Use on cracked, dry or calloused skin immediately after bathing or foot baths. It is a good idea to finish by applying argan oil or arnica ointment.

With repeated use in combination with foot baths and nourishing oils/ointments, the skin will eventually become soft. Do not file your feet too often or too much, once every two weeks or even less should be enough. If you file them too often, they may instead start producing even more skin.

Use the smooth side of the round file for body peeling. Gently and carefully glide the stone over the skin when you are in the bath, shower or sauna. It removes dead skin particles and small imperfections, increases blood flow, and stimulates skin renewal. Can be used wet or dry. 

Nail file: The nail file can be used on dry and broken cuticles. It is a good idea to also lubricate the cuticles with an organic oil such as our argan oil or tea seed oil or one of the fine oil blends from Organics By Sara.

Care: The sandstone is washed with soapy water and can be cleaned by pouring boiling water over it. It can also be disinfected after use. 

The linen bag works great for storing small items and for your eco soap.

The same bag can also be filled with soap flakes, if desired, however it will be harder scrub (thicker fabric) than our scrub bag for soap residue.

Washing advice: Can be washed at degrees in the washing machine. Wash it when you think it needs it.