c/o GERD

c/o GERD produces natural and organic beauty products with a focus on herbs and berries from Swedish Lapland. 

You will find a selection of their skin, hair and body products in our store. These are produced in their factory shop in Jokkmokk, Lapland. A destination that is popular to visit, not least during Jokkmokk's Winter Market.

Siblings Anna-Lena Wiklund Rippert and Johan Wiklund chose to invest in their dream of exploring the herbs and berries from Swedish Lapland and refining them into luxury cosmetics.

Malin i Ratan collaborates with c/o GERD and manufactures their hand soap bars

Nordic Soap Bar is a soap with only one essential oil fragrance per soap. It leaves a scent with a pronounced character. They contain a greater amount of essential oil than our own handmade eco soaps. Perfect fort hose who love a more pronounced scent!

The soaps contain KRAV marked cold-pressed Swedish rapeseed oil, which may undergo saponification together with other organic vegetable oils. c/o GERD has chosen a formula with extra nourishing cocoa butter for a creamy and harder artisan soap. The pink soap also contains lingonberry seed oil. The different colours of the soaps come from natural clays.

Both siblings behind c/o GERD are therapists and have a background in the skin care industry. The products are produced from a therapist's point of view and functional degree. The inspiration comes from their parents who refined everything that came from nature. They chose the name of the company after their mother, Gerd. They chose to pay tribute to her and call the company c/o Gerd, or Care of Gerd.

c/o Gerd care about animals, nature and people. They use natural and eco-certified ingredients that come from controlled cultivations, where chemical spraying agents or fertilizers are not allowed. Raw materials grown in the wild are not organic, except when picked deep inside Lapland's forests and then refined, for example, berry seed oil extracted from blueberries, cloudberries, and lingonberries.

Their packaging consists of 75% carbon neutral packaging from sugar cane, of which 15% contain recycled plastic and 10% are made of glass.