Organics by Sara

Organics By Sara is a Swedish organic skin care brand run by the fabulous Sara Nomberg, organic skin care therapist and nutritionist. Really clean skin care with organic, cold pressed oils and essential oils of the finest quality. 

We offer a selection of Sara's fantastic skin care products and cleansing oils for the “oil cleansing method", OCM, in our store.

You will not find any unnecessary ingredients in the products from Organics By Sara. An exclusive, handmade series with few, carefully selected ingredients. The result is a gentle, effective, and environmentally friendly skin care. A great option for your skin and our nature. The products are manufactured in Tyresö, Stockholm. 

Like other selected creators we collaborate with, it is small-scale manufacturing and female entrepreneurship that connect us.

Malin i Ratan collaborates with Organics By Sara and manufactures their body soap bars

Organics by Sara was born from the vision of a 100% organic skin care, with natural ingredients that would support and strengthen the skin in a respectful way. 

The soap bars included in the Organics By Sara series consist of oils that are allowed to undergo saponification in the old artisan way, providing you with a lathering soap with moisturising properties. They are free of palm oil and vegan. They are extra nourishing with Swedish rapeseed oil, coconut oil and shea butter. A moisturising soap with a soft lather that cleans your hands. Perfume-free for the most sensitive skin and a soap with a scent of lavender and geranium.

Sara has chosen to work only with vegetable and essential oils, which is completely essential for the product. The other substances usually added to cosmetics are water, preservatives, and emulsifiers.

All vegetable and essential oils are certified organic, which means that you can count on the highest quality in the raw materials. All ingredients used are vegetable origin, no ingredients originate from the animal kingdom. No ingredients or end products are animal tested.

All packaging is made of recycled glass and is easily recycled after use. Even the seal on the bottle can be easily pulled over the neck of the bottle and recycled with the cap as hard plastic. The label is easily removed from the bottle and discarded as soft plastic. 

With the organic skin care series Organics By Sara you get true beauty and care in an environmentally friendly harmony. It does not get better than that, if you ask us.