Jenny's Nordic Chocolate

In the small-scale chocolate factory in Umeå, the Norrland chocolate is made with a sustainability mindset and fair trade from cocoa bean to chocolate cake. They make genuine chocolate, i.e. from bean to cake so-called “Bean to Bar”. Cocoa comes from organic plantations in Ecuador where farmers are educated and fairly paid without intermediaries. There the beans are harvested, fermented, and dried. In ChokladJenny's factory in Umeå, the beans are hand-sorted, shelled, roasted and stone ground under low temperature to preserve taste and nutrients. The chocolate bars are formed and then flavoured with Norrland herbs and berries. 

How do you eat your chocolate? Here I share the best tips from one of Jenny's chocolate courses: When you taste the good chocolate from Nordic Chocolate, you should let the chocolate piece slowly melt on your plate, breathe in through your nose and enjoy the lovely aromas.

We love collaborations, and one of them concerns the purchase of cocoa butter. The same fine cocoa butter is used the chocolate and in our eco soaps.

Through a collaboration with Nordic Chocolate in Umeå we trade organically certified cocoa butter that is imported directly from a cooperative in Ecuador, “Direct trade". The cocoa butter is classified as “Single origin" and is harvested from the same plantation as the cocoa beans in Jenny's good chocolate. The cooperative cold-presses the cocoa butter out of the beans without deodorising, allowing the cocoa bean's nutrients, the amazing scent and colour to remain in the final product. Through the direct work with the cooperative, cocoa farmers receive both training in fermentation techniques and more. More than if they certified cocoa as fair trade. Few chocolate producers trade directly with cooperatives without intermediaries, making concepts like direct trade unusual within the cocoa industry. We are so happy to have the collaboration with Jenny who has both solid knowledge and good relationships with the cocoa farmers.