KaliFlower Organics

Maria Esbjörnsson in Brunsberg, Värmland, is behind the company and the fantastic products KaliFlower Organics. She is an herbal educator and yoga teacher who creates stripped-down and simple organic body care products that of course can be beautiful as well. The inspiration comes from the botanical world, and it is plants, herbs, and flowers that account for the very backbone of the production. There may also be algae, clays and extracts from roots or bark! Nature contributes with a lot of beneficial and beautiful products. Simple but powerful eco products – kind to Mother Earth and lovely for heart and soul!

We offer you her beautifully patterned soaps with gentle essential fragrance blends. Here you will also find fine ointments, lip balms and beard products.

Kali is a strong and ferocious goddess. She symbolizes the power that helps us remove destructive behaviours and habits from our lives. Anything that no longer benefits us, things we don't really need. She stands for truth, fights against ignorance and lies. This has inspired KaliFlower Organics; removing all that is not really needed or benefiting us and bringing more knowledge and truth! It is easy, we want to keep what is good and do good, and we will skip the rest! We have chosen KaliFlower's simple, natural and organic products that we want to use ourselves, hoping that you will also like them.

Kali är en stark och vildsint gudinna. Hon symboliserar kraften som hjälper oss att ta bort destruktiva beteenden och vanor ur våra liv. Allt som inte längre gynnar oss, sådant vi egentligen inte behöver. Hon står för sanning och kämpar mot okunnighet och lögner. Detta har inspirerat KaliFlower Organics; bort med allt som egentligen

inte behövs eller gynnar oss och fram med mera kunskap och sanning! Det är enkelt, vi vill behålla det som är bra och gör gott, resten skippar vi!  Vi har valt KaliFlowers enkla, naturliga och ekologiska produkter som vi själva vill använda, hoppas att även du gillar dem.