Loofah pillow 2-pack

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Unbleached loofah pillows that have a duller color than our other loofah pillows. When they are soaked and swollen up, shape them and set them to dry. Excellent as soap dishes. They come in 2-pack with a small and a large one. The dimensions vary but the large one fits especially with our large Laundry-Cleaning-Dishwashing soap.

We cooperate with a locally work-integrating social company that cuts and attaches labels to our loofah pillows. In this way, we can offer work to people who for some reason are outside the labor market and we are so proud of this cooperation.


The airy and filamentous material absorbs water and allows your soap to dry up between uses, which prolongs the soap's durability. When the pillow has collected your soap water, it is excellent to use for cleaning, eg to clean the sink or to a lovely body scrub that removes old skin cells and speeds up blood circulation.

In addition to being a well-draining soap dish, the loofah pillows have many uses; Use as a sponge, to clean the sink or to scrub the body. I use the big one as a sponge in pans after it has absorbed soap water when used as a soap dish in our kitchen.

Care instructions

We recommend to switch between two loofah pillows so that one can dry up occasionally, so therefore it is especially good with a 2-pack. The flat shape is sustainable, as they take up less space in shipping.