All brushes

Here we have collected all brushes and accessories for Handmade Eco Soap from selected suppliers such as Solsmula, Just Wood, Redecker, Iris hantverk, Naturkosmetikkompaniet and others.

6.76 EUR
Soap bag for the trip
From 11.58 EUR
Soap + Soap Hanger
From 38.12 EUR
Honey Spoon
Sold out
Skopa mini
1.45 EUR
Scoop, small
2.41 EUR
Bench brush
21.23 EUR
18.34 EUR
Comb of Abroform
3.38 EUR
Kam - glestandad
9.65 EUR
9.17 EUR
Badborste tampico
13.51 EUR
15.44 EUR
Ansiktsborste våt
17.37 EUR
BBQ brush
6.27 EUR
Washing-up whisk
Sold out
Scrubbing brush
From 14.48 EUR
Tandborste bambu
From 3.38 EUR
23.16 EUR
3.38 EUR
Loofah pad round
From 4.83 EUR
Soap dish, cork
6.76 EUR
Soap dish, bamboo
11.10 EUR
Sisal soap bag
5.31 EUR
Rakhyvel Váli
26.06 EUR
5.79 EUR
Yarn Arezzo linen
From 4.83 EUR